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Comparison of Egyptian and Greek Interpretation of Human Form

The issue of human form has been one of the fascinating matters as there are very many theories created to explain the existence of human and how they evolved to date. Many philosophers have also dug deep in finding some of the hidden facts beneath the human being existence. As many theories suggest... >>

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How did the Korean War differ from World War I /World War II?

The period 1950-1953 witnessed a clash between sides of Korea that had been until the end of the Second World War existed as one country. However, the end of this war saw a physical split of this island into two: South and North Korea. South Korea, known for its democratic political ideas was backed... >>

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The Traditional Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement

There were significant differences between the traditional civil rights movement of Martin Luther and that of the young black power as portrayed in the Selma Montgomery March in 1965.The march was as a result of the need for a federal registration law. Two key personalities took to the stage that is... >>

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Strategic Planning in Business Organizations

Introduction Any business needs to have a well planned course of action which can be taken by the management of the business to make it move forward. These acts as the blue print plan for the business management to channel the business resources in the most appropriate way top ensure the achievement... >>

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Major business pressures the company is likely to face and expected response

Research has shown that many start-up businesses fail in the first two years. According to statistics by Small Business Administration (SBA), 70 percent of start-ups fail in the first two years and only about 51 percent survive the next five years. With this kind of information, I have to try the b... >>

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International Business and Culture: Starbucks’s Australian Experience

As we all know, culture changes from one place to another. Similarities may exist between cultures; however, there are no cultures that can be described as identical. National and regional cultures not only differ from others, but also define the respective societies and their people. Culture, a com... >>

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New Venture and Small Business

Why a business needs a business plan Abstract Entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon occurring in undeveloped, developed and developing countries. Different governments worldwide have so far acknowledged the importance and the impact of entrepreneurial activities on job creation and improvement of ... >>

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Acquiring a Winery

1. Executive Summery The process of acquiring a winery is not as easy as one may think since there are a lot of areas that needs to be dealt with in order for the process to succeed. The terms of deal have to be disclosed if possible and then the price has to be approximated and then it is important... >>

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Annotated Bibliography

Pohlong, B. (2004). Culture and Religion: A Conceptual Study. Mittal Publications In this particular book, the author elaborates on conceptual issue relating to the central role played by religion in culture. He starts by elaborating on what culture is and how it is attached to religion. People te... >>

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Plotinus – On Nature and Contemplation and On the One

Plotinus was an ancient Egyptian philosopher who many see as the father of Neo-Platonism. Neo-Platonism is a school of thought that sprung up in 3 A.D. and its teachings were based on the Plato. The word ‘neo’ was added sometimes later by modern scholars who wanted to differentiate their teachin... >>

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s dialogue with Glaucon about the allegory of the cave is a story that depicts how truth is often left out in the battle of reasoning. While delivering the story Plato asked Glaucon to figure out a cave that was inhabited by people. All the men in the cave are prisoners whose hands and legs ... >>

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Life Greatest Lessons

Introduction What is life?, life is short, so goes the saying .Life is defined as a period that we are supposed to exploit our full potential, that is, duration which we should be able to put our houses in order . In a small village there lived a group of people. These people were each distinct ... >>

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Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals

“In the case of what it is to be morally good, it is not enough that it conform to the moral law but it must be done for the sake of the moral law.” Emmanuel Kant posited the above in his preface to the Groundwork, as well as countless additional times all through his moral works. Kant b... >>

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Taylor and Camus Meaning of Life

People often ask many questions about the origin and meaning of life, all in an attempt to identify the meaning of life. Writers of literature and philosophers seek the meaning of life many ways. It so seems that the meaning of life is such a complex subject that answers are sought in thought provok... >>

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A contract can be simply defined as a legally enforceable agreement made between two or more parties. They can be oral or in written form (Ryan, 2005). There are three essential elements present in any valid contract. Any agreement falling short of these fundamental concepts would not be considered ... >>

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