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Contemporary Issues in International Business

Question 1: Why were sewing machines one of the world’s first “global products?” Globalization has gained extreme importance these last years. At an economical level, globalization is understood as the increased movement of goods and money across national borders, which led to the rise of the ... >>

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The Ritz Carlton Hotel Chain

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain is the main or can be considered to be the mother company to the high cost and luxury hotels that use the brand name ‘Ritz-Carlton Hotels.’ The Ritz Charlton hotel company is basically a subsidiary of the legendary Marriott International. They also have other marketi... >>

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Ratio Analysis

Benefits Ratio analysis is important in the determination of a firm’s profitability. It helps to determine a firm’s productivity through computation of profitability ratios and to calculate their revenue productivity to determine a firm’s performance based on current earnings. It is to calcula... >>

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The Alchemist

Following fate Paul Coelho’s book the Alchemist is a classic book that focuses on a human beings ability to merge what providence, fate, love and nature have in store for him in order to realize the supreme reason as to why he was created. This book focuses on three dominant themes that are going ... >>

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Introduction Marriage is a lifetime bond of mutual assistance, between two or more person and sharing of some specific roles in the domestic setup (Bernfeld 6). In this essay, the main focus is the different ways that the American and Chinese women think about themselves within the context of their... >>

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Cartoon History of the Universe

Introduction This is a book written by Larry Gonick who is a professor and a mathematician. The cartoon history of the Universe mainly focuses on issues associated with the development the world has undergone over a period. Cartoon history of the Universe is a book illustrated and written by a mathe... >>

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Analysis of Chemalite, Inc. Income Statement

Chemalite, Inc. is showing Positive Earnings. High gross profit (revenues- cost of goods sold) is first indicator of positive earnings. The income statement clearly shows that the earnings grew. The Gross margin Ratio (Gross profit/ Revenues) for Chemalite, Inc. is zero. The gross profit is very h... >>

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Crystal Meadows of Tahoe Memo

Crystal Meadows of Tahoe is the managing company of two different alpine ski resorts, and it is well known fact that the ski business is both cynical and seasonal, and throughout the USA, 94% of the total revenues are earned in the season time, and the business also depend on the snowfall of a given... >>

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Job Automation

Job automation is the process of using automatic machines in carrying out activities that used to be carried out using manual labor. Job automation has a lot of benefits to the entrepreneur as well as to the employees. In the manufacturing industry, job automation reduces to cost of labor, increases... >>

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Analysis of Hadith by Jonathan Brown

Dr. Jonathan Brown is an American Muslim scholar and a lecturer in the Georgetown University of the United States of America. He was born in the year 1977 and was raised in a Christian background precisely the Anglican. He however converted to Islam just before the close of the century into the new ... >>

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Introduction Friedrich Nietzsche was a Germany philosopher who lived between 1844 and 1900. He fiercely rejected the 19th century European civilization comprised of economics, politics, and science by saying that “there will be wars such as there have never been on earth before” (Soccio, 2010).... >>

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Plotinus – On Nature and Contemplation and On the One

Plotinus was an ancient Egyptian philosopher who many see as the father of Neo-Platonism. Neo-Platonism is a school of thought that sprung up in 3 A.D. and its teachings were based on the Plato. The word ‘neo’ was added sometimes later by modern scholars who wanted to differentiate their teachin... >>

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Life Greatest Lessons

Introduction What is life?, life is short, so goes the saying .Life is defined as a period that we are supposed to exploit our full potential, that is, duration which we should be able to put our houses in order . In a small village there lived a group of people. These people were each distinct ... >>

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Taylor and Camus Meaning of Life

People often ask many questions about the origin and meaning of life, all in an attempt to identify the meaning of life. Writers of literature and philosophers seek the meaning of life many ways. It so seems that the meaning of life is such a complex subject that answers are sought in thought provok... >>

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Business Law Assignment 3

The nursing services firm can possibly recover their $4,000 from Janine. This is a contract and Janine accepted the offer from nursing services firm therefore the contract is valid and Janine has an obligation to pay $4,000 to nursing firm. Contract Classification There is no valid contract existing... >>

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