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From a small retail store in Arkansas to a renowned giant retailer globally, there is no doubt Wal-Mart is at the peak of its success. It has been the choice of every consumer in the market owing to its cheap prices. In deed, this is secret behind its success for the past decades-setting prices low... >>

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Southwest Airlines Case

Introduction Since the invention of the aircraft during the period before and after the infamous world war, air travel has tremendously changed the way people live and carry out their business across the globe. Over time, the various inventions that have been witnessed in the airteravel industry hav... >>

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Foreign Trade Issues in California’s Economic Growth

Introduction Global trade is definitely of utmost significance to any country’s economy let alone that of California. Estimates point out that California exports, as a share of all goods and services produced and exported from the USA have decreased from 11.4% in 2009 to11.2% in 2010. This transl... >>

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Aspects of Globalization

Introduction Globalization is explained as the increasing unifying the world’s economic order through the reduction of any barriers to trade internationally. The barriers may include import quotas, export fees, and tariffs. The main objective is to accelerate services, goods, and material weal... >>

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Economic Globalization

Introduction Economic globalization plays a significant role in ensuring the integration of the national economies. It entails an amplified interdependence between economies. This interdependence comes about through the circulation of capital, goods and services. On the other hand, sustainability en... >>

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SHRM in Vietnamese Banking Industry

Introduction The banking industry of Vietnam has undergone a significant reform process since the start of reform processes from 1988 to 1990. The reform process oversaw the transformation of the banking system from a mono-tier banking system to a two-tier banking system that separates commercial ba... >>

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Saudi Arabia

Overview Saudi Arabia is the third large country in the in the Middle East by land area. It borders Jordan and Iran on the North and northeast respectively, while United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait are on the eastern side of the country. Oman falls of the Southeast and Yemen on the southern sid... >>

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SOX: Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Introduction This was a landmark Act that came to pass in 2002. The aim of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was overhaul of legislation that deals with financial legislations. This was a reaction in policy by the government and the high incidence if high profile cases that involved accounting fraud; this... >>

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Recruitment Discussion

Confidentiality and privacy in human resource touches on all aspects of the individual, for example, family, health, previous employment and strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Information taken by employers is for various purposes including social security arrangements and health care (Birks... >>

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The Middle East

A concise history of the Middle East ties to explain the life and the organization of the Islamic people in the Middle East. The contribution to their society and the world at large is in need of recognition. The authors make an effort to illustrate the differences in practices between the old era o... >>

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What Was the Importance of the Progressive Era Reforms for 20th Century American History?

In the 20th century the transformation movement heightened in a unifying progressive way. It was taken as reformist in nature influenced the middle class. It was influenced by the modernization that was taking place. The progressive era brought about municipal Administration. This was mainly influen... >>

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French and English Colonization in James Bay Cree

James Bay Cree is a large body of water on the southern end of the Hudson Bay in Canada. It is a place of multicultural influence. Quebec fell to English in a1759. Although seventeenth-century Jesuit missions were dominant amid some Mistassini at the Chicoutimi undertaking, Anglican missionaries, wh... >>

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Pedophiles, Intelligence Gathering and Online Resource

Several definitions are given to Pedophilia. Pedophilia is described as a condition where a person has sexual feelings towards children only. Professionals in mental health define Pedophilia as a mental disorder. The legal system in America see it as a criminal act that if found should be penalized.... >>

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How did the Korean War differ from World War I /World War II?

The period 1950-1953 witnessed a clash between sides of Korea that had been until the end of the Second World War existed as one country. However, the end of this war saw a physical split of this island into two: South and North Korea. South Korea, known for its democratic political ideas was backed... >>

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Strategic Planning in Business Organizations

Introduction Any business needs to have a well planned course of action which can be taken by the management of the business to make it move forward. These acts as the blue print plan for the business management to channel the business resources in the most appropriate way top ensure the achievement... >>

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