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Importance of the Progressive Era in the American History

Industrial revolution in America led to social, political and economic vices. Poor working conditions, slavery, corruption, exploitation of labourers and poor governance became common. People looked up to the federal government for protection against opportunist and better life but, it failed. This ... >>

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Pedophiles, Intelligence Gathering and Online Resource

Several definitions are given to Pedophilia. Pedophilia is described as a condition where a person has sexual feelings towards children only. Professionals in mental health define Pedophilia as a mental disorder. The legal system in America see it as a criminal act that if found should be penalized.... >>

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Comparison of Egyptian and Greek Interpretation of Human Form

The issue of human form has been one of the fascinating matters as there are very many theories created to explain the existence of human and how they evolved to date. Many philosophers have also dug deep in finding some of the hidden facts beneath the human being existence. As many theories suggest... >>

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How did the Korean War differ from World War I /World War II?

The period 1950-1953 witnessed a clash between sides of Korea that had been until the end of the Second World War existed as one country. However, the end of this war saw a physical split of this island into two: South and North Korea. South Korea, known for its democratic political ideas was backed... >>

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The Traditional Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement

There were significant differences between the traditional civil rights movement of Martin Luther and that of the young black power as portrayed in the Selma Montgomery March in 1965.The march was as a result of the need for a federal registration law. Two key personalities took to the stage that is... >>

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Strategic Planning in Business Organizations

Introduction Any business needs to have a well planned course of action which can be taken by the management of the business to make it move forward. These acts as the blue print plan for the business management to channel the business resources in the most appropriate way top ensure the achievement... >>

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Contemporary Issues in International Business

Question 1: Why were sewing machines one of the world’s first “global products?” Globalization has gained extreme importance these last years. At an economical level, globalization is understood as the increased movement of goods and money across national borders, which led to the rise of the ... >>

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The Ritz Carlton Hotel Chain

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain is the main or can be considered to be the mother company to the high cost and luxury hotels that use the brand name ‘Ritz-Carlton Hotels.’ The Ritz Charlton hotel company is basically a subsidiary of the legendary Marriott International. They also have other marketi... >>

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Ratio Analysis

Benefits Ratio analysis is important in the determination of a firm’s profitability. It helps to determine a firm’s productivity through computation of profitability ratios and to calculate their revenue productivity to determine a firm’s performance based on current earnings. It is to calcula... >>

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The Alchemist

Following fate Paul Coelho’s book the Alchemist is a classic book that focuses on a human beings ability to merge what providence, fate, love and nature have in store for him in order to realize the supreme reason as to why he was created. This book focuses on three dominant themes that are going ... >>

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Introduction Marriage is a lifetime bond of mutual assistance, between two or more person and sharing of some specific roles in the domestic setup (Bernfeld 6). In this essay, the main focus is the different ways that the American and Chinese women think about themselves within the context of their... >>

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Cartoon History of the Universe

Introduction This is a book written by Larry Gonick who is a professor and a mathematician. The cartoon history of the Universe mainly focuses on issues associated with the development the world has undergone over a period. Cartoon history of the Universe is a book illustrated and written by a mathe... >>

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Analysis of Chemalite, Inc. Income Statement

Chemalite, Inc. is showing Positive Earnings. High gross profit (revenues- cost of goods sold) is first indicator of positive earnings. The income statement clearly shows that the earnings grew. The Gross margin Ratio (Gross profit/ Revenues) for Chemalite, Inc. is zero. The gross profit is very h... >>

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Crystal Meadows of Tahoe Memo

Crystal Meadows of Tahoe is the managing company of two different alpine ski resorts, and it is well known fact that the ski business is both cynical and seasonal, and throughout the USA, 94% of the total revenues are earned in the season time, and the business also depend on the snowfall of a given... >>

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Job Automation

Job automation is the process of using automatic machines in carrying out activities that used to be carried out using manual labor. Job automation has a lot of benefits to the entrepreneur as well as to the employees. In the manufacturing industry, job automation reduces to cost of labor, increases... >>

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