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The Emotional Competence Framework Analysis

This is basically an emotional competence framework analysis about my self. I believe am one very competent individual in my job. I would explain this by the fact that where I work I rarely receive complaints that are related to customers complaining about my competence. I believe am well trained to... >>

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The Impact of Alcohol on Britain

Introduction The consumption of alcohol in Britain seems to be an integral part of the country’s modern culture. As a matter of fact, the production of alcohol constitutes a large part of the multi billion pound global industry. By definition, alcohol is a psychoactive substance whose consumption ... >>

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Financial Burden of Medical Expenses for the American Adults

Nearly all Americans place their arrogance in being an associate of a nation where someone is capable of starting from the base line and ending up at the top. there is also a believe that we are all equally created having certain unfamiliar rights, this include life as well as liberty along with ha... >>

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The Cold War

Diplomats recognize three types of wars. These are the ‘hot’ war, ‘warm’ war and the ‘cold’ war. Hot war is one in which there are no diplomatic efforts made to stop fighting militaries and if there are any efforts, they have failed. A warm war is one in which there are peaceful talks st... >>

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Korean War

The Korean War took place between 1950 and 1953. The North Korean army war invaded South Korea causing the war. The latter crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea in an attempt to destabilize the economy of South which was perceived to be thriving. There are numerous sources that give a recollect... >>

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Economic Retraction and Stagnation

A recession is a difficult time for an economy of a country, when the trade is on the minimal trade activities and there are fewer opportunities for growth and employment. There is an estimation that there has been so many downturn to present and with each, there has been a greater economic prosperi... >>

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Irish Economy

The Irish economy has really transformed in the recent years from an agricultural point of view to a modern knowledge economy. In addition, there has been a higher concentrating on services and high tech industries as well as dependent on trade, industry and investment. Concerning the issue of GDP p... >>

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Eastern Europe

Introduction For the longest time in the history of Eastern Europe states for instance Germany, Austria and parts of the Soviet Union just to mention a few, there has been the socialist form of governance with political ideologies which have been all through seen to differ with those of their neighb... >>

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The Power of Time, Place and Baggage in Writing

Having gone through a tough time, many opt to die with the experience while other opts to speak out through writing. The way they present their ideas helps in bringing out the incidences. Tim’s work of using the baggage of the soldiers during the preparation of the war has an impact of what is to ... >>

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When the Emperor Was Divine

Introduction When the emperor was divine is a book written by Julie Otsika and which is based on an experience of a Japanese family in the hands of American authorities just after the Second World War. It narrows down on a woman whose husband after being arrested on suspicion of conspiracy finds a n... >>

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Preventing Car Accidents

Car accidents are currently rated as the number one killer of humanity. The accidents happen almost every day in the entire globe, with some of them being avoidable while are some unavoidable. Accidents have claimed many lives, leaving many families with pain and anguish. People might incur major an... >>

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Iran: History and Change

Introduction: Iran is one of the oldest civilizations of the World and the country is still one of the very important political powers of recent times. Iran is rich with minerals and energy products like oil and natural gas, and it increases the geopolitical aspect of the country more than ever. Thr... >>

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Abortion Rights

It is evident that the debate concerning abortion is getting tighter and tighter. There is an eminent gap between those who support abortion (pro-choice) and those who do not (pro-life). Moreover there differences have become too fundamental for compromise. The issue of abortion has also been taken ... >>

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