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Social and Political Philosophy

Introduction Much can be accorded to the exertions of the Scottish philosopher named David Hume (1711-1776) as fur as his postulations are concerned on the day to day applicability as asserted by (Hardin, 2007). Typically, Hume has for a long time been perceived to be a contemporary of Rousseau (171... >>

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Native Americans Cherokee

Cherokee is one of the Native American tribes that lived in the eastern part along Mississippi river. Historically, the Cherokees lived in Southeastern United States; in Carolinas, East Tennessee and Georgia, and belong to the Iroquoian family. In fact their main language is the Iroquoian. About the... >>

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Contours of the Witchcraze in France

Introduction Witch craze began during late medieval period when ideas on witchcraft started to shift and witchcraft was increasingly recognized with heresy and devil worship. This made the church to start taking more interest on witchcraft than it did in the past periods. The notion that witches we... >>

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Definition of Financial Terms

Finance is a broad field in business that contributes to the bigger part of any organization, company or a nation. It involves national and international systems of financing business and banking. With the general field of finance, it is divided in to three distinct groups. That is the financial ins... >>

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A Fine A Private Place & Play-By-Play

“A Fine a Private place” is a masterpiece poem that creatively explores the power that the woman possesses by and large with regard to sex, Ackerman portrays women as the masters of sex, and she brings them out in such a way to praise their prowess in winning the man to her ways. This, she neatl... >>

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Research in E-Business

E-Business or electronic business can be broadly defined as, “any type of business process that totally relies on fully automated communication and information systems”(Paul 2000, p. 70). In the current world, e-Business is mainly carried out through web-based systems and technologies. Methods o... >>

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Business Mergers

One of the issues resulting from mergers and acquisitions is integrating the different cultures of different companies merging. The merger can be catastrophic when implemented without considering the cultures of the different people in the organizations. There maybe strong differences between the va... >>

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Competitive Advantage

Introduction In the business world, competition is one of the obstacles which the businessmen need to contend with to ensure sustained higher profit margins (Huggins & Izushi, 2011). Effective control and management of the competition requires the businessmen to be proactive in their market eval... >>

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Social Responsibility

Introduction This article is divided into various sections, which handle the issues on social responsibility. It is based on the justification of social responsibility centered on an example of a company that has legal setting but not incorporating social responsibility. Social responsibility Accord... >>

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In the prime part of his philosophical career, Jean Paul Sartre principally lays his focus on the development of the philosophy on existence predominantly called existentialism amid 1905-1980. His cornerstone of divergence from Husserl’s phenomenology on the subject matter was pivoted on the fact ... >>

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Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

David Hume in his writing, wants to bring out the meaning and the difference between human imagination and the reality (David, 1984) He has also, in the discussion mentioned a number of things concerning various human behavior and believes, what probably causes them to behave or believe that way, an... >>

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Introduction The tribunal is a legal novel at the universal level. Mostly the book pries into the theme of justice and satirizes the whole idea of justice to the humanity in the world. The writer feels it is a sweet-bitter kind of an aspect. To satirize something is to laugh at the foolishness of th... >>

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Music Copyright Arbitration: Bobby Vs. Jonny

Even though arbitration has been governed by decree for over 60 years, its clauses in the patent as well as copyright applications have only lately been made explicitly enforceable. The American Arbitration Association (AAA), a clandestine organization, has now founded the clause to encourage disput... >>

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Legalizing Marijuana

Introduction Marijuana is a psychoactive herb, a derivative of the flowering parts of the hemp plant. When smoked the effects are instant than when it’s cooked and eaten in food. Among other drugs that are not legalized in many countries, marijuana is one of them. However there are activists and ... >>

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Civil Liberties

Introduction The enactment of the UK’s human right act elicited assorted reactions both from the public and even among the civil service in addition to the reactions from the least expected the European fraternity. Some perceive it to be the precise way of meeting the core human right cases and co... >>

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