Sustainability and Sustainable Development

The environment should be man’s best friend and treating the same as an externality can be true to develop short-term profits at the expense of sustainability. This is so to state that, there would be short-term advantages but the long-term results would be a serious cause of disagreement for the coming generations because the carrying capacity has been stretched beyond reasonable limits. Growth that depletes the nature of environment is not the best recommended as it affects natural life and it is sometimes termed as uneconomic growth.

Is Natural Environment Intrinsically Valuable

Fast and foremost before we can argue and get to the point of determining whether natural environment is intrinsically valuable, we have to be in a position to understand the full meaning of the word ‘intrinsically’. The word intrinsically is derived from the adjective intrinsic which better means fully belonging to a thing and its very nature that is so to state that solely belonging to a thing or being in existence with something. With this definition in mind, we can therefore swiftly move to try to come up with a well based argument on whether natural environment is intrinsically valuable. In environmental philosophy, we have environmental ethics which seek to extend the orthodox boundaries of ethics from solely including human beings to also include non-human.

Intrinsically value has traditionally been seen to lie at the heart of ethics therefore we can adequately presume with utmost finality that natural environment in itself is intrinsically valuable. This is virtually the value that the natural environment has in it. Because human beings cannot do without the natural environment it must be part and parcel of our existence here on this planet this simple truth gives the natural environment full intrinsic value. As is true if there is unsustainable development caused by careless human activity, this stands to negatively affect the current and the forthcoming generation this again certifies the intrinsic value possessed by the natural environment.

Therefore it is right to state or to conclude from the above argument, that the natural environment possesses sole intrinsic value in it self and cannot be dealt away with at any cost. It is also proper to state that natural environment is here to stay and can never be considered as a temporary fad, reasons are well stated in the argument that one cannot survive with the absence of the natural environment and it is therefore not a temporary fad.

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