Southwest Airlines Case

The internal management of the company is also another factor which lead to the ever success strategies of southwest airline. The approach to hiring and training of its employees is in fact unique and a top secret for the company in advancing its corporate culture. The company conducts its hiring on basis of right attitude and professional skills for the right job. For instance, the flight attendant candidates are interviewed by the company mainly for the purpose of observing how the applicants could interact in a real service to a customer scenario. This a very significant effective approach to easily and quickly spot skill and talent that are potentially viable to add to the company’s reputation and culture for the long-term goal in its success. The identification of highly skilled and talented persons is a definite future indication of how employees will treat the company’s customers (Christian, 2011).

Internal relations

In addition, the company has put an emphasis on the importance of building and maintaining firm internal relations. This has been achieved by presenting the employees with a chance to grow and learn even more from each other in the course of duty. The follow of information is generally free between the employees and the company’s leadership hence unclogged way of communication. Southwest has also empowered its managers and front-line staff who serve customers on a daily basis to cover up relations with customers by making instant appropriate decisions (Rigas, 2006).

Low pricing

Southwest airline is currently the most reputable low –cost leader in the air travel business, putting into consideration low cost in daily operations that allow it to pass savings to customers, hence a higher return to customers. The strategic structure of the organization and its leadership culture are key to its success hence it healthy business status. There are several factors both internal and external influencing the performance of southwest airline business (Rigas, 2006).

Customer relations

Southwest has maintained good relations with its customer through its front-line staff on day to day interaction, settling issue and concerns raised by the customer to ensure continued cooperation. This has put the company on the forefront in that it is an innovative strategy of introducing a new service in the industry. With its innovative strategy, southwest has had a great impact on the industry hence has acquired a large market share of the air travel industry (Rigas, 2006).


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