Southwest Airlines Case

Another significant external factor is the country’s economic situation which has been through a tough economic situation hence the negative impact on the airline industry’s profit margins. The capacity to sustain the non-profitable period have proved rather tough hence an increase in the company’s debt. Though after the severe period there has been a period of rapid economic growth, making profits in the airline industry is still a challenging undertaking due to increasing debts (Bijan, Ken & Tom, 2008).

Social conditions

Another external factor that has also had a great impact on southwest airline is the social condition. For instance the passenger insurance costs have been all high and still on the rise. There is also an extra expenditure by the company on the intended extra security measure for its customers across the network of its operations worldwide (Christian, 2011).

Technological conditions

Similarly the technological conditions have also had their impact on the airline particularly in angle o f competition from the other airlines entering the field. There has been a consistent increase in purchase of new and high technologically advanced ones to keep at the top of the business in its competitive dimension (Bijan, Ken & Tom, 2008).

Internal factors

Marketing strategy

Among its internal factors the airline is greatly influenced by its marketing strategy which targets the tourism industry. The airline’s distinguishing trait from its competitors is basically its choice of strategy. Its choice to work in the tourism industry to provide air travel has seen receive numerous prizes in the previous decades. Quite influential, the airline’s mission is another internal factor that drives this airline company. The mission statement is “To get passengers to their destination safely and comfortably with a laugh or two along the way”. The company’s attitude has caught the attention of many and not only the travelers but also the employees from a motivational perspective. The organization has smart employee coordination and allows the employees to innovate and improve on their daily individual work as well (Susan, 2004).

Internal management

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