Social Responsibility

In the future, I expect to influence the company in such a way that there is incorporation of social responsibility. This is a responsibility that goes beyond the environmental and legal perspectives towards enhancing a positive reputation of the company to the external environment. Being socially responsible is ethical and it ensures that as this business engages in its business undertakings, it is able to ensure beneficial effects to the world around. Therefore as a stakeholder, it would be appropriate to ensure that in the near future the company adopts policies that divert its operations towards a corporate social responsibly adoption.

Recent changes in the US economy

In the year 2008, US went through a crisis, which resulted from the mortgage crisis and the derivatives market together with the decline in the value of the dollar. As a result, this cited unemployment, together with the declining figures of production and third quarter GDP decline. Another economic concern is that of the unemployment increase in the year 2909, where the percentage increased to 9%. From the broader perspective, this unemployment was 16.0% and the process of recovery from the job losses resulted in a major blow in the year that recorded an increase in the long term unemployment (Bailey & Soyoung, 2009).

Recently, the US has also been characterized with industrial revolution, manufacturers division of labor together with the global market mass production (Maddison, 2006). As a result, the political economy has taken shape in the US economy as the science dominant (David, 2006).

The issue of climate change and global warming are recent concerns that not only affect the US but the whole world. These issues go hand in hand; the change in the climate and earth warming up; resulting in an overwhelming consensus scientifically on this happening and the induced humanity. With the increase in the global warming coupled with the reduction in the species and habitants, there is reduction in the natural adaptation chances for the ecosystems.

It is strongly agreed that with the environmental changes characterized with the global warming and climate changes, the impact is making the world not conducive for the agricultural productivity and food production. This is also being attributed in the social irresponsibility of some companies. Basically, we are talking about a scope of ten years to come, but currently, signs are being experienced with the soaring droughts in some regions of the world and dependency burden to the developed nations such as the US.

Neglect to industrial analysis

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