Social Responsibility


This article is divided into various sections, which handle the issues on social responsibility. It is based on the justification of social responsibility centered on an example of a company that has legal setting but not incorporating social responsibility.

Social responsibility

According to (Harrington, 2003), social responsibility is the ability of the organizations to conduct their businesses based on the obligations that goes beyond what the economics and law requires; with an aim of ensuring that the pursued goals are for the good of the humanity. In these business conducts, the behavior should be ethical coupled with making a contribution to the development of the economy while at the same time ensuring that the quality of life is improved not only for the place of work but also for their family and the whole community. Dow Chemical is one example of the socially irresponsible company that has aroused anger from the residents basically because of the impacts that their operations have had on the environment.

Benefits from social responsibility

Basically, it is argued that pursuing socially responsible business conducts is not in most cases beneficial to the business and based on this understanding, only a few businesses employ social responsibility in their operations. As a result, it is not the business organization job to be concerned with the social problems and issues. This is based on the argument that from the view of free market, the businesses are geared towards creating wealth with the shareholders’ interests as the regulating principle. Based on the corporate responsibility perception, it is the role of the businesses to be socially responsible and it is beneficial.

Stakeholder in the company

As a stakeholder in the company, this organization has to be responsible for my concerns among various society groups. This responsibility goes beyond business level to the natural environment conservation. This company in which I am a stakeholder has to take decision in the wider interest and not just narrowing the interests of the shareholders. Therefore, as a stakeholder, I expect that the company will be able to adopt business practices that are more sustainable and beneficial to the people and the whole society not to forget the growth in profits.

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