Social and Political Philosophy

The government should be impartial between the good life competing conceptions due to the neutrality doctrine. This doctrine responds to perfectionalism doctrine. The perfectionists argue that government should promote specific good life conception; neutrality advocates believe that it is not an appropriate government function. Locke argues that individual’s civil attention unlimited to life health and liberty, or ownership of money, land and the likes. he says that the civil authority lacks authority over the soul`s salvation (Barry, 1968). Religious commitments are only worth when accepted freely.

In conclusion, the social responsibility and political powers should be regulated and maintained with the government. It is the duty of the government to ensure that the citizens are protected from greedy politicians who break the law. Also the politicians should ensure that they devote themselves in dealing with what hinders development by ensuring that all the set rules governing the nation are adhered to. Furthermore, all the required law agents should be respected with the politicians who misuse their power. Also politicians should create good relations with the citizens and present their queries for discussion and solutions in the house or parliament.

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