Samada Life Philosophy

Samada Philosophy provides introductory information on how and why the understanding of it is essential to both happiness and success as well as give details on the distinction between these two terms. Samada which is a Sanskrit phrase that is translated to a “self in harmony with everybody, is also a Tibetan village name visited by Dennis on several occasions. Samada Life Philosophy is perceived to have been developed from various wells of truth that include organized religions, philosophical and scientific thought from Buddhist teachers, Hebrew and Galileo (Stacey, 2008).

Happiness is of One’s Immortal Soul

Pure happiness is considered to be found when a person’s conceptual mind is well aligned in agreement with his or her immortal soul. As a result, individuals seek happiness and always want to avoid any suffering. However, not majority of the people have discovered what brings happiness. Samada Life Philosophy educates that happiness is about soul, and thus the source of any happiness is basically to understand the connection of one’s conceptual mind with his or her immortal soul. If a person’s mind or soul is both pure and peaceful, then such an individual will be expected to have full happiness that is naturally tuned with the commonly evolving creation irrespective of one’s external circumstances. Therefore, capturing pure happiness involves a person to learn to live from his or her immortal soul rather than the mind (Adams, 2004).

On the other hand, Samada Life Meditation provides a clear understanding that normally life, people’s existence is the one to be conceptualized. This implies that concepts do not exist in a person’s brain but in the minds. Each person’s existence is his or her minds conception which is referred by Samada Life Philosophy to as a process of conceptualizing a valid illusion. In addition, Samada Philosophy has analyzed that all the human souls are fully connected and they are considered the essence of a karmic valid illusion (Stacey, 2008). In conclusion, a person should by way of soul meditation, learn to exist from his or her soul as well as think of own illusionary self as the main actor and enjoy the drama found in.

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