Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality

Therefore the term “inequality” and “misery” came from the mind of the modern man and not that of the savage man in his state of nature. The desire for revenge, contempt, hatred, envy, jealousy and esteem comes from the socialized man himself which can lead to man’s destruction himself. Rousseau further elaborated that it is rather hard for man to keep his “amour-propre” in its proper place because the socialized man wanted to excel in everything that he does to soar higher than that of this other constituents. It is for these reasons the vices arises from the mind of others due to inner jealousy and the secret desire to surpass each other. This is a common knowledge that this is what has been going on in the society of man especially in politics. You help the ordinary man so they can recognize you and look upon you as someone who is higher than them but not for them to level with you and that is the irony that Rousseau has been discoursing but the way he aligned his ideas are not a direct and brutally frank as that of Hobbes.

But, Rousseau adhered to the MC of Hobbes that it is the civilized man’s fault that he was enslaved by his own kind because he allowed himself to be manipulated by others. Like for instance, as the head of state, the president tries to help the people and they look up on him as someone who is higher than them but, the president helped them because he of course wanted to gain their sympathy and that he will need their votes for the next casting of votes. If they do not agree with your form of administration, they will disagree with you and you become the slave who wanted to please them. Actually, the situation is a cycle which man is indirectly unaware of.

Main Conclusion:

Rousseau’s discourse says “Men thus harassed and depraved were no longer capable of retracing their steps or renouncing the fatal acquisition they had made…” On this statement, Rousseau agrees with Hobbes and Locke that we are responsible for our own fate because we allowed “amour-propre” to inhabit in our daily lives. If we are only contented with our own natural state of nature but since we are living in a modern world, it is almost impossible for man to now return to his own self-happiness, he can no longer trace back his amour-de-sui. This is the reason why corruption can never be erased in our present form of government and that there is no such thing as equality in the real essence of truth and reality.

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