Research in E-Business

E-Business or electronic business can be broadly defined as, “any type of business process that totally relies on fully automated communication and information systems”(Paul 2000, p. 70). In the current world, e-Business is mainly carried out through web-based systems and technologies. Methods of electronic business are extremely significant as they help businesses to link easily and work closely with partners, suppliers, and their customers. Information systems are one of the important disciplines in implementation of e-business.

Practitioners in the information systems discipline, face many challenges as they strive for better and effective ways of undertaking research in e-business. The question which rises is, what are the challenges faced by practitioners of e-business information systems? This is intriguing, as it will expound the knowledge on information systems, which is a pivotal discipline in e-business.

The research method that can be used in answering this question is diverse. Research method can be defined as the manner of undertaking a particular research (Richard 2008, p. 44). First, field studies through observations should be employed in order to identify how the practitioners operate and the challenges they face in their operations.

Case studies are another technique that can be employed. This will involve documentary research, small fully targeted surveys, interviews and general observations to achieve complete triangulation and identify the challenges. Field experimentations specifically in areas such as usefulness, user interfaces, and the overall comprehensibility of any new functionality should also be employed. There exists many opportunities for the execution of field trials in large companies with control and experiment groups being identified in different locations.

Questionnaire-based surveys that will involve questionnaire to be filled by segmented and defined population should also be employed. The questionnaires should aid in discovering he challenges faced by the practitioners by providing questions to be answered by the target group. Secondary research, which involves clear examination of existing literature and studies on this particular issue, should be employed to expound on the challenges faced.

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