Recruitment Discussion

Confidentiality and privacy in human resource touches on all aspects of the individual, for example, family, health, previous employment and strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Information taken by employers is for various purposes including social security arrangements and health care (Birks 1997, pg 37). People with some health problems are highly stigmatized thus keeping their personal health information in private would help them psychologically, and productive in their work.

This also helps other employees to work with their colleagues with little or no discomforts. Consider a disease like HIV/AIDs, people who suffer this disease are highly stigmatized and keeping this information confidential helps them live comfortably. Confidentiality and privacy is for the wellbeing of the psychology of a person in so that they become effective at work places.

Privacy Act of 1974 includes the laws that give guide on the maintenance of privacy and confidentiality of personal information. It states clearly of all the definitions of the terms in the laws. For example, maintenance is defined to be, collect use or disseminate. These laws address the agencies which deal with this information and to who else it can be released and on what basis for what purposes. It can be released for planning, statistical research, national archives. In the cases of disclosure, the Act gives orders on how this should be done with all the specifications of the records. The Act also includes the power an individual holds about their information and what extent can bring criminal penalties.

American disability act is also a law that deals with people with bodily disabilities and informs them of their rights as individuals in the environments they interact with in their daily lives. It is against discrimination on religion, race, nationality or sex. Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is another law that gives guidelines on how to handle personal information that could be included in the health matters of a person. This gives details of how far can information of an individual may be used when handling health side of life.

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