Race, class, and gender in the United States

I find the collection of essays in this material to be very informative of the historical forms of discrimination and the various opinions of authors who contributed. Rothenberg illustrated only a single side of discrimination an gender issues on a very angry style. It is true that all the discrimination was not only practiced by the Euro-Americans, for instance, Pem Davidson Buck stated that the northern whites looked down their noses at the Irish in the same manner they looked at the free blacks (Rothnberg,2010), creating a “psychological wage”, instead of monthly monetary benefits for the employees or parking places reserved. The teaching of Calvinism was that being poor was a punishment from God and success is an indication of righteousness before God. Furthermore, this resulted into more differences in class in the American society, including gender discrimination, racial discrimination, as well as, homophobia. There were also the differences between the rich and the poor, white and black, men and women, which are viewed as a construction of innate differences between people. These are used as a justification of equality in the distribution of power and wealth emanating from economic decisions that are made to perpetuate privilege.

I like the collection in the book because it came at a period in which Americans were in dire need of change. The book illustrates the social issues that affects man daily and are still in existence. It also provides several variables that define our personal life history and determine how we live and co-exist with others in the society. Thus, these variable, gender, race, and class are necessary in providing a definition of our historical backgrounds. These variables assist in determining our past from a personal perspective, as well as, our future. I do admit that dealing with such social issues and emerging a victor in several situations in my life has plated a great role in reshaping me as an individual.

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