Project-Analysis of a Destination

Definition, kind and Components of promotion (including brochures)

Promotion is one of the marketing’s mixes employed in a company to ensure marketing of its products or services. There are a number of promotion strategies, which include advertising, publicity, personal selling, and direct sales. As a result, for the case of advertising is the best strategy to use in the promotion of the chosen destination. This is because; with the use of advertisement direct sales this can be most suitable in situations where brochures need to be used. In this case, advertisements over the internet will be made together with the issues of brochures to those individuals who will visit the area. The surrounding community will be used to distribute them thus forming the greatest part of the direct sales promotion. In addition, some of the other components that will contribute heavily in the promotion include internet, employees of the olive farm, and accommodation offering places among the other available components.


Ones effective promotion strategies have been put in place; the company will be able to maximize profits. In addition, the surrounding community will benefit economically, socially, culturally, and to some extent environmentally. A lot of emphasis should be laid in ensuring that the chosen destination is effectively promoted to attract both the local and international tourists. As time goes by, it will then be possible to have the olive farming as one of the best tourist attracting site in Perth Western Australia.

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