Project-Analysis of a Destination

In most cases, tourism has led to negative environmental impacts. It should not then be used to conclude that there are no positive impacts that have resulted from tourism in Perth (Buckley, Pickering and Weaver, 2003). Bearing in mind that tourism attraction activity that has recently been introduced embraces agriculture, it has some positive impacts. The nature of the environment due to the growth of olive helps in ensuring that the air around the place is purified. On the other hand, there has been a negative impact of environmental degradation due to clearing of some part of the land to create space for infrastructure development.

Accommodation in the chosen destination

For tourists who might need accommodation wile at Perth, perfect hotels that offer accommodation services are found at the east of Perth. As an added advantage, most of them are situated close to water catchment areas thus enabling an individual to have a perfect view while in the room. At the city center, one can still be able to get cheaper hotels to spend depending on their need. While at the city center getting accommodation services, one can still visit swan bell tower that is made of glasses thus enabling an individual to have a full view of the city.


The chosen destination can be served by Perth airport that is located to the east of the destination. This will be used by the tourists who could be coming from foreign countries or those from far places. To supplement air means of transport, Perth has a road network that has tree freeways. This can be used by any one depending on own choice (Liu, 2006). Some of the other public means of transport at Perth include buses, trains, and ferries. In the area, there are 70 railway stations and about 15 bus stations. Therefore, depending on individual choice, one can decide to use public buses, train, plains, and ferries.

Gastronomic Experiences

Some of the gastronomic experiences one can have while at Perth include the spectacular wine and food trails, cocktail, exotic coffee, honey, chocolates, and delicious cheeses among others. This can be afforded at a low cost of between $69 and $150 that can be friendly to the users and tourists. Most of these are available at swan valley that is only 25 minutes drive from Perth city. In addition, it will also include individuals having a close insight to the local products by engaging with the local producers.

While at swan valley, individuals will have to highlight trips they intend to have so that they could be programmed to fit those guaranteed to them in the hotel. Some of which can be offered to them include visiting the house of honey and a chocolate company referred to Margaret river (Carter and Dunston, 2007).

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