Project-Analysis of a Destination

Most of the people living in Perth have positively benefited from tourism in the area. As far as economic benefit is concern, most of the surrounding society of Perth has been able to sell their performances to the tourists thus earning themselves a living. In addition, people who work in the olive farms are paid for their services of attending to the tourists thus boosting their income. Some people offer their services in the hospitality industries and transport industry thus enabling them to earn income. As a result, it is worth nothing that most of the people in Perth view tourism as a major source of income.

Cultural impacts of tourism on the host society

People in Perth have been able to embrace their culture through the various performances. For instance, the people who live in Perth have different languages thus are able to train tourists on the various issues they wish to know. As a result, they are able to boost and ensure the development of their culture (Greg, 2007). On the other hand, others might be influenced and go ahead to neglect their original culture while trying to adapt a foreign culture. This way then leads to a negative impact on the cultural aspect in the surrounding community.

Social impacts of tourism surrounding community

On the social impacts of tourism in Perth, residents have been able to mingle and interact with tourists from different parts of the world hence social integration. As a result, the impacts have been both positive and negative since some issues have been favorable to the community while others have been unfavorable (Beeton, 2006). Some of the negative social impacts that have resulted from tourism at Perth include the aspect of drug and substance abuse by the tourists who visit the area. This is because; at times they may influence the youth to perform the same. Some of the positive social impact of tourism in the area is that people have been encouraged to become self determined. In addition, they have been informed of the significant of offering quality in their services so that they can attract tourists.

Environmental impacts of tourism surrounding community

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