Project-Analysis of a Destination

Motivation refer to a process whereby needs activate behavior of an individual thus making one to act in a certain way towards achieving something or the desired goal. The theory of Abraham mass low hierarchy of needs has been used to explain the motivational factors that make one behave in a certain manner. In tourism, there are motivational factors that contribute to an individual visiting a tourist destination (Goeldner and Brent Ritchie, 2006).

Some of the motivational factors that can make tourists visit Perth include the ego needs and self actualization. Ego needs refer to the desire for self respect, prestige, and success. These needs are not basic, and one can do without them, but, because of ego and self actualization needs, they have been forced to travel to Perth so that their needs can be satisfied.

Push factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

Push factors refer to the socio-psychological issues that drive an individual to visit a place. These are the pressures in life that makes an individual take a holiday for instance; when one feels as if he or she is socially alienated and wants to enhance esteem this then makes one to decide to visit a place. This is, therefore, a factor that can make one visit a place like Perth.

Pull factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

Pull factors refer to those aspects that attract an individual to travel to a certain destination of choice. These are the appealing features in a destination that attracts an individual to visit. In the case of Perth, some of the pull factors include olive farming, beautiful city of Perth, and diverse cultures.

Activities in which tourists engage at Perth

While at Perth, the tourists can be able to engage in diverse activities based on their choices and need. In the area, there are diverse cultures, stages where live performance of art is conducted, different religious believes and events, and the clean beach near the river. As a result, they can get engage themselves by joining other people in the olive farms and an understanding of the various ways of practicing olive farming. In addition, can attend a live performance of art, enjoy themselves at the beach, or join others in the various worship centers such the mosque for the Muslims, church for the Christians, or even temple for the Hindus.

Economic impacts of tourism to the surrounding community

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