Project-Analysis of a Destination

People who live in Perth earn a living by engaging themselves in a variety of activities which include; theatre performance, getting involved in sports, and intensive farming. In the recent past according to the research, most of the people in Perth have decided to get involved in intensive olive farming that is capable of attracting tourists. As a result, this shows that a significant number of people in Perth are able to earn a living by engaging in tourist attracting activities. Other individuals in Perth get engaged in television and film production as a way that enables them to earn a living. Others some join sports clubs that are well paying thus earning a living from their talents.

History and heritage of the destination

Perth is a place in Western Australia that was reclaimed from the wet lands. It was named in 1829 by Captain James Stirling after a person who was called Perth. People who earlier lived in the south-western part of Australia were hunters and gatherers (Carter and Dunston, 2007). The neighboring lake served them with the much desired physical and spiritual sustenance. The place that is currently referred to Perth had been named Boorloon those individuals who were moved in by the colonialists during the pre colonial period.

Heritage refers to the inherited culture, monuments, objects, and traditions. In addition, it is a range of behaviors, contemporary activities, and means of doing things that we acquire from either parents or the people whom we live together. In Perth, due the diverse heritage, it acts as a medium of enhancing economic development because it attracts a wide range of tourists alongside olive farming.

Circumstances that contribute to Perth becoming a tourist Destination

Perth became a tourist destination due to a number of factors and activities that were considered suitable for tourists. For instance; the olive farming practiced in the area as a means of attracting people who might not be from the same area but even those from different parts of the country. In addition, its proximity to the city center play a substantial role as many tourists prefer an area that is close to town for easy access to transport means. The open opportunity that resulted of venturing in farming of olive is yet another issue that contributed to it becoming a suitable place as a choice as a tourist destination.

Motivational factors that would influence tourists to visit Perth

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