Preventing Car Accidents

Car accidents are currently rated as the number one killer of humanity. The accidents happen almost every day in the entire globe, with some of them being avoidable while are some unavoidable. Accidents have claimed many lives, leaving many families with pain and anguish. People might incur major and minor injuries, which may remain part them, for the rest of their lives. Most accidents involve some kind of car or vehicle destruction, which costs a lot of money and time to repair, apart from the exorbitant hospital bills. A number of people will concur with me on the statement that, simple obedience and observance of traffic rules and the use common sense are the best ways of eradicating or rather preventing car accidents.

A statistics carried out on transportation indicate that most accidents are normally related to both lack of conformance to the traffic rules and a marked irresponsibility when driving. It is estimated that about 40% of accidents are related to drunken driving, 30% to over speeding, and about 33% to vehicles skidding off the road due to their bad condition. Lack of use of seat belt, use of mobile phones and other destructions, contributes to about 68% accidents nationally. The statistics also indicated that, young drivers are more likely to be involved and die in car accidents than middle-aged drivers, because they are more thrilled with speed, technology, and lifestyle. They are also prone to reckless driving while not wear seat belts. Some may drive when under the influence of drugs which impairs their vision. Bad weather and climatic conditions have also played a key role in the occurrence of car accidents (Jaegel, 2010).

Taking an active role in the prevention of car accidents, may help save potential lives. The use of common sense is the main umbrella, under which car accidents can be prevented. Every noble act translates from one’s ability to apply common sense in what they do. Lack of common sense, will necessitate individuals to break traffic rules and cause accidents. Car accidents arising from the drug and alcohol misuse can be prevented by the government laws governing the sale and use of the drugs. A clear outline of the repercussions that will befall anyone that violate the law might deter people from driving under the influence. Over speeding can be prevented and controlled by all cars and vehicles being fitted with speed governors, which will regulate the maximum speeds attained on first lanes (Pardilla, 2009). Maintenance of the constant speed, as well as distance between vehicles on the road, should be observed. The traffic law, enforcement officers should be quick to fine and issue penalties to the offenders.

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