Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s dialogue with Glaucon about the allegory of the cave is a story that depicts how truth is often left out in the battle of reasoning. While delivering the story Plato asked Glaucon to figure out a cave that was inhabited by people. All the men in the cave are prisoners whose hands and legs are wound up by chains. The movement of their heads is also restricted in a way that makes the prisoners not to see anything except the wall they are chained on. The way these prisoners are chained makes their Movement severely restricted so that they have no encounter with anything outside of the cave (Boniface).

However outside of the cave, there is a fire and a walkway for objects to pass through the shadows of the objects passing through the walkway falls on the wall where the prisoners are chained and this is only view the prisoners have of the outside world. The only way that exists for the prisoners to acquaint themselves with the outside world is to try to decipher the meaning of the shadows and figure them as part of their real world. Each of the prisoners in the cave start giving a name to the shadows and the intellect of each of the prisoners is what guides the guess each prisoner makes about the shadows (Boniface).

Plato has the view that the perspective of the prisoners of the real world is limited to the walls of the cave because the prisoners treat the shadows as real true objects and the prisoners who claim to know much about the outside world understand it only through the boundaries of the walls of the cave the prisoners in the cave are therefore not able to understand the truth about the outside world because of the limited view they have in the cave (Boniface).

Plato then explains that somehow in a way a prisoner in the cave managed to get out of the cave after loosening himself some of the shackles in the cave and gets out of this cave. The freed prisoner experiences the world in a new perspective because as opposed to the dim light he knows in the cave he experiences the rays of the sun as he experiences The reality of the real world, he gets accustomed to the beauty of the new world that makes him to understand the fallacy of the perspective of the world inside the cave. In this journey, the prisoner experiences the beauty of the true world, the splendour of Mother Nature and the truth about the mystical world (Boniface).

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