Phenomenological Methods of Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty

Heidegger presented his opinion of way of life as phenomenological ontology starting with the hermeneutics of Dasein which means there-being. The word Dasein is a term that Heidegger used to represent human beings that understands their own self. According to him, Dasein is a conscious being and that being none other than human beings. He argued that only human beings amongst all other beings that have the ability to understand themselves and their actions. He went farther to add that Dasein has both an existential and ontological that makes him special than other kinds of being and it has the ability to understand the existence of other beings other than its own self. Therefore, its ontic and ontological structure is the foundational for every other kind of being. According to Heidegger, the being of Dasein differs from other beings of objective existence, and in that Dasein can project its own possibility and the factuality of Da-sein, is different from the factuality of what is dispassionately present (Heidegger 92).

According to Heidegger, the question of the meaning of being can only be understood by that being for which the question of being is important and to the person for whom existence matters are important. According to his views of being, the being for whom being is a question of who and not what and this being is Dasein meaning being there or roughly human existence or being there. He pursued the phenomenological method where he tried to show how the Dasein has unlimited qualities that differentiate it from other beings(Heidegger 123). According to Heidegger, being and Time is more than philosophical anthropology. His explanation of Dasein passes through an analysis of the experiences of anguish and death, and then through an investigation of the structure of “care”. Later on he raises the crisis of genuineness, that is, the potentiality Dasein to subsist fully enough that it might actually understand itself. All through the book, he emphasizes that nothing makes certain than Dasein is this understanding. Heidegger concludes that the peculiarity between Da-sein and other classes of beings is only the commencement of ontology, and in order to have a complete explanation about the meaning of being, there is need to be further explained (Heidegger 160).

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