Personal Autonomy and Freedom


The philosophy in word person is autonomy, freedom and self-sufficiency. God has made each person on equal nature. However, it is nurture that can impact and influence on the pertaining equal natural traits. Hence, human personality is collection of attitudes, emotions, ethics, values, and cultural influences on human beings. According to the surroundings, different cultures at different places have different human personalities. Therefore, coping one’s own personality traits with personal accountability makes an autonomous and free personality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2008).

Biological and social constituent’s impact:

By birth each human being possesses an inherited level of emotions and intelligence, and a healthy magnitude of those two biological tools would be the major reason behind creation of a dynamic personality. Moreover, two social science constituent faith and trust also have major influence to deal with specific situations in life. But, in fact, an accountable personality can easily hunch the cause of problems, and, at the same time, possess wisdom to resolve the problem amicably. The gravity of problem could be differentiated according to its nature and impact on living, and each problem holds respective resolution criteria and takes diverse time-frame. Hence, everybody posses his/her own process to resolve the problems in their life (Andreassi, 2000).

Therefore, coping with life’s problems, building personal trust on others and having faith on others could be called autonomous and free life. However, conversely, if one do not cope well with life’s problems, and would be unable to built personal trust on others as well as does not have faith on others. He/she absolutely cannot control him/her by himself. And, that is when one doest not have the status of autonomous and free life.

In this situation, he/she could be influenced by any one that could impact his/her autonomous and free life. Hence, a person that wants to be autonomous and free must have faith on others and should possess personal trust.

Two quotes and their astuteness:

The two quotes referred for this paper one of Cicero and second of Kant denotes exactly what the paper intro and body uttered. However, the only difference between the two is, one is politician and philosopher and the second is only philosopher.

However, the thoughts they have explicit quite largely represents to the personal autonomy and freedom. The reason is, as it has been uttered in the thesis that philosophy in word person is autonomy, freedom and self-sufficiency. And, both of the personalities have demonstrated wisdom of autonomy, freedom and self-sufficiency in their own pattern and reference.

What does it mean when we say that as humans we are free?

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