Criminal cases in the United Kingdom are heard in the magistrates’ court of law. The judge listens to every case before him then based on the evidence before him or the offenders willingness to plead guilty hands down a sentence that will not only be fair to both sides but also corrective to the adult offender.

The judges’ decision to rule will include such sentences as placing an order for the offender to compensate for property stolen and the harm they may have done when making the offence, community service can also be given and is calculated in man hours, revisitation of early offences could prompt him to discharge the case and consequently, the judge may choose to slap a fine and a prison sentence or one of the two. In the case where the judge may feel he has no powers to place a judgment, he will refer the case to a higher court so that it’s dealt with accordingly.

In both our cases Abubesi and Jemma are both two adults who are found guilty for the crimes they committed, Abubesi however is a small time second offender while Jemma is a first time offender. In his earlier case, Abubesi was a young offender who may have been punished in a way that he wasn’t corrected and therefore he shop lifted again three years later

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