Patients Rights and Responsibilities

All patients have the right to refuse treatment including surgery as long as they of sound mind and can make sound decisions. This can be done through a written and signed document.

7) Right to make decisions about end of life care

This entails the decisions patients make on how they would want their life to end. For example the life preserving measures the patients are entitled to this right. The right to be treated with respect was violated by Robert Ray. The respect in treatment involves the administration of quality services and drug dispensed. Robert did not respect the patients and so gave diluted drugs at the expense of the life of the patients. It is a full responsibility of a pharmacist to advice and dispenses right drugs with quality composition to the unsuspecting patients a responsibility that the pharmacist did not uphold.

The victims of Robert crime finally received justice when was convicted for 30 years and his pharmacist license stripped. Courtney in 2005 petitioned the U.S Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari but was declined and is still a federal inmate in Rochester Minnesota and is expected to be releases on November 20, 2027 after he pleaded guilty.This case for Robert led to the change of mind and ensured that dispensed drugs are thoroughly checked to ascertain their quality. Many practitioners and pharmacists are also aware of the dire consequences of violation of the patients right which are also entrench3ed in the constitution.

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