Friedrich Nietzsche was a Germany philosopher who lived between 1844 and 1900. He fiercely rejected the 19th century European civilization comprised of economics, politics, and science by saying that “there will be wars such as there have never been on earth before” (Soccio, 2010). He wrote several works between 1872 and his time of death. His major philosophical concept is the failure of Christianity and its power in the lives of people. He boldly claimed that “God is Dead” which was not metaphysical but a belief he held that Christianity and the religion itself were dead. He said that in its existence it had been used to create a “slave morality” which was meant to promote behaviors such as meekness, compliance and kindness that only served the interests of those in power. He suggested adoption of new rules that were beyond the traditional “good” and “bad” thereby creating a concept of “overman” or “superman” (Hatab, 1995).

Master and Slave Morality

Nietzsche had great interest in Ancient Greeks who he believed represented the climax of the western civilization before the culture of the ruler and the ruled took root and become Christianity, utilitarian and Kantian become the new order of society. He argued that morality was then developed by ‘weak’ people in order to protect themselves fro the ‘strong’. He was challenging even the foundation on which philosophy was based then. Philosopher Aristotle had declared that moral excellence is only available to the nobility. Nietzsche major theme was based on master morality, which is different from Aristotle’s concept. He claimed that the master morality existed during the ancient roman society and was destroyed by the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire. In his concepts he is concerned of by the culture of master and slave morality in Europe and blamed religion mostly Christianity for this turn of events (Hatab, 1995).

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