Nietzsche Prophet of Nazism

The will to power, therefore, exemplifies both the ideology of Nietzsche and the practice of Nazism ideology. Nietzsche ideology and Nazism therefore share the doctrine of the power of the will and this is what defines the philosophy and the purpose of life for humanity. Both ideologies consider the power of will to constitute the origin of morality. According to the Fredrick Nietzsche and Nazi ideologies, true justice speaks for itself and therefore the power of might is what makes everything right and the life is nothing but a struggle. The purpose of life therefore is in the struggle itself and therefore life is nothing more other than spiritual purification (Taha, 2005).

Both Nietzsche and Nazi ideology believe that only the strong and the persistent survive in the business of living in the cruel world. The weak and the degenerate being are therefore subject to domination and trampling by the superior beings, this ideology is what drove the Nazism ideology that made it wants to conquer the world and rule it. This aristocratic nature of the rule of life is the one that was pursued by both Nazism ideology and Nietzsche ideologies (Taha, 2005).

The will to power is therefore the sole truth and the only conceivable human truth. The Nietzsche ideology regards the will to power as a creation of the divine and therefore with will to power man becomes the central thing in the universe and transcends the finite existence of human existence. According to Nietzsche philosophy, the actual world is the only true world and it’s should be the one that humanity values because its physical and spiritual aspects are an affirming principle of the will to power (Taha, 2005).

Nietzsche philosophy also dismisses the believe in the existence of another world claiming that those who believe in such a world are [prisoners and despiser of life on reach this ideology was used by the Nazis to seek spiritual and racial perfection through following the Nietzsche ideology of the kingdom on earth and rejection of the existence of a terrestrial earth. The Nazi regime relied on this notion of preaching to people the religion of offering people the option of having nowhere to turn to and therefore it appeased to the material or personal transcendence of a great state (Taha, 2005).

Nietzsche principle also embraced the idea of life being a struggle that pits the weak against the strong and these principles were also embodies by the Nazi regime because the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler believed that the history of the world is made of minorities and it is the duty of superior men to be in control of the world. The Nazis ideals therefore rejected the ideals of democracy just like in Nietzsche ideology and advocated for the leadership principle in the control of masses (Evropa, 2006)

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