Nietzsche Prophet of Nazism

The other Aryanism nature of the Nietzsche ideology and Nazism is in the way they embraced Greek pagan ideals. Fredric Nietzsche regarded the Greeks to be a superior race while Hitler also considered himself to be Greek. The Nietzsche ideology borrowed heavily from the Greek spiritualism and traditions and Nazism also embraced these ideas in its ideologies. Nazism was also fascinated with Greek spirituality and opposed to the Judea Christian form of western civilization. Both Nietzsche and Nazism also share the ideology of regarding Prometheus as the cradle of mankind. Greece philosophy therefore influenced majority of Nietzsche and Nazi thought (Evropa, 2006).

Another common feature between the doctrine of the Nietzsche and Nazism is the theory of eternal recurrence. For Nietzsche ideology, everything dies and resurrects and therefore the existence rolls forever. Everything dies and then it blossom again forever. The theosophical doctrine of the Nazis is somehow similar to the Nietzsche ideology of eternal recurrence. The Nazis themselves also believed in the periodicity of all the creation on earth does undergo cycles of destruction and renewal .This cycle of destruction and rebirth does always end at the level of spirituality that is higher than the original level. The theosophical ideal of Nazism about the nature of human existence is therefore a reminiscence of the Nietzsche ideal of eternal occurrence, the Nazis also believed in the concept of reincarnation and destiny all which are closely related to the doctrine of eternal occurrence advanced by Nietzsche (Taha, 2005).

The powered of the Will is another doctrine well shared between Nietzsche ideology and Nazism. For example, Nietzsche observes that life’s is nothing more than the will to power , the willingness to grow and the willingness to fight to become better while the leader of the Nazi regime Adolf halter also observed that the ones not willing to fight in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve being alive. Nietzsche an ideology therefore adopted the will to get power as what constituted the philosophy of life. This philosophy of life therefore culminated in the creation of a master race and therefore Nietzsche Frederic was the posthumous prophet of the Nazi ideology whose concepts rested on the adoration of both spiritual and physical power that relied on the creation of a superior Aryan man (Evropa,2006).

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