Nietzsche Prophet of Nazism

The esoteric ideology of the Nazi regime was to institutionalize and actualize the concept of the existence of a superman through applying the ideals to a political system that would ensure that there is breeding of a pure breed of a master race both in the body and the spirit that could rule the earth. Nazism was therefore influenced on a big scale by Nietzsche ideology especially on the concept of the existence of a super man. The Nazis applied this concept of the superman to their political ideology thus putting Nietzsche ideology into motion and ensuring that the cultic nature of Nietzsche ideology was turned from just a simple nation to reality (Taha, 2005).

The security squads or the schutzstaffeln that represented the Nazi Germany political and racial elite were themselves self confessed institution that embraced Nietzsche ideologies of the existence of a super man or ubermenschen and they claimed that they believed in the creed of the existence of a God like man who had powers to rule the world (Taha,2005)..

The two philosophies both Nietzsche and the Nazi philosophies rejected Judaism and Christianity on the premise that they did not represent the original teachings of Christ. Nietzsche ideology acknowledged that the power of the will to be the drives of the history and praised the glorification of the superman, glorifies the act of engaging wars and also advanced a very aristocratic perspective of the world. Both Nietzsche and Nazism philosophy share the belief in glorification of aristocratic radicalism of the world and despised liberalism and socialism ideals of the Judea Christian civilization (Taha, 2005).

Nietzsche’s philosophy and Nazism ideals also share the fact of advocating the rule of the world by a super race that would transcend the boundaries of nations and states and this ideology is what drove the Nazis in a quest to conquer the world in the Second World War. Nietzsche ideology also had anti-Semitic ideals because it viewed the Jew as something that was alien to the natural odder of the world and as having a slave morality that would not go well with the Nietzsche ideology of the existence of a superman and radical autocratic realism of the world. Nazism ideals adopted these ideals (Taha, 2005)

The pre Christian nature of paganism preached by Nietzsche and later adopted by the Nazis was the paganism that had elements of Aryanism in nature because it was based on the belief in Aryan spiritual nature. This paganism embraced secret doctrine professed in the Egypt Greece and India. This Aryan paganism is praised by Nietzsche is his writings and their prophets as god like man whom Nietzsche considered to be a spiritually superior works that represented Aryan spirituality at its best. Both Nietzsche and Nazi ideology share the commonality of Aryanism in the sense both religions embrace in the hyperborean’s as the original Aryan race (Evropa, 2006).

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