Nietzsche Prophet of Nazism

Another influence the Nietzsche philosophy had on Nazism is the way Nietzsche philosophy had hatred for the Supreme Being or God. The philosophy of Nietzsche embraced the idea that God would die and be replaced by a super man of the Aryan race. Since the philosophy of Nietzsche was immoral it sought to end the slave morality of the belief in a supreme and all powerful supreme god to a master morality by transvaluating all morals. This dimension of the philosophy of Nietzsche was embraced by the Nazis in the way they embraced evil in their ideology (Taha, 2005).

Nietzsche ideologies about the power of the will also influenced the Nazi ideology by making the Nazi Germans to obey and worship the will in their ideologies. The aristocratic view of Nietzsche philosophy for the world emphasized hatred on the issues that generated the herd mentality like socialism, humanism and liberalism. These views were also embraced by the Nazi regimes through the hatred for the values of liberalism and humanism (Evropa, 2005).

The philosophy of Nietzsche advocated the extermination of the weak and unfit people in society and at the same time also supported the creation of eugenics to breed an Aryan superman. These ideologies were embraced by the Nazi regime because they regarded Germans as a superior race that should not mix with other races. This emphasis of the Nietzsche’s account of a cult of blood did play out in the worst horrors of the Nazi regime through the advocating of heinous crimes against other races like the holocaust of the Jews. Nietzsche’s anti-Semitism ideologies also did influence the anti Semitic nature of Nazi ideologies. For example, Nietzsche’s advocated for the extermination of Jews through the advocating for a more pronounced and radical form of anti Semitism and considered the Jews as a race rather than a religion (Taha, 2005).

Nietzsche’s philosophy also influenced the creation of a Nazi state through advocating for a more radical anti-Semitism against the Jews. Nietzsche was a close and ardent fan of the Aryan club who attacked Judaism monotheism and this philosophy influenced Nazism to a great extent because Nietzsche considered the Jews to be enslaved by their religion (Evropa, 2005).

The believe in the cult of a superman is Cleary expressed in the writings of fried rich Nietzsche and the influence of this philosophy was very critical in the development of the Nazism whose main objectives was the creation of a superhuman race that would rule the world.

Through showing the link between the Nietzsche ideology and Nazism, the author Cleary shows that there is a link between these two philosophies and repudiates the views of other writers that there is no connection between the Nietzsche world view and Nazism (Evropa, 2006).

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