Native Americans Cherokee

Cherokee is one of the Native American tribes that lived in the eastern part along Mississippi river. Historically, the Cherokees lived in Southeastern United States; in Carolinas, East Tennessee and Georgia, and belong to the Iroquoian family. In fact their main language is the Iroquoian. About their origin, a section of historians asserts that the tribe has been in existence for thousands of years ago, while another argues that the Cherokees came late to the Appalachia (Conley, 2007).

Culturally, the Cherokees were led by elders that represented seven clans of the tribe. The elders were hereditary and that they presided over religious functions, such as, purification, healing and prayers. In addition, the tribe also had a group of young men that handled warfare (Conley, 2007).

The Cherokee community also had medicine men that would be consulted in times of illnesses. In the 1820s, the community also adopted a Cherokee syllabary, which was initially only used by the didanvwisgi. Cherokees practiced polygamy and allowed their women to divorce freely. Moreover, they upheld intermarriages though that was complicated.

During the removal of the Indians from the Eastern Mississippi, the Cherokees fought to escape the removal (Conley, 2007). They were led by John Ross through their signing of treaties that eventually spared them from being evicted. John Ross was a very instrumental leader in the Cherokee community that saw it through its civil war and the eviction.

Multiculturalism is not entirely celebrated in the American society. However, it has positive impact on its development since it fosters good national and international relations. Moreover, through the promotion of diversity, it has been instrumental in enhancing the region’s development.

In conclusion, Cherokee is one of the significant Native Americans along the Mississippi river. It has interesting culture and traditions that is worth learning. Moreover, it contributed to the development of the American development.

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