In the EAU, the use of nationalism is probably stronger than most other countries and the two interviewed officials tell us that in their interview. These happen more often in the EAU because they are part of the culture. Arabs believe that their family comes first and in believing that, find seats for their families when needed or does nationalism contract with someone else to get them on.

The EAU and the world would like to see all of this change but it is not likely. It may become quieter than it is now. Think of this. A shop owner needs someone to clean up in the evening, he has a person from another country that needs a job in this economy. Of course there are many people that age that do but he hires his son. He does this for two reasons. He knows what kind of person his son is and he trusts him and he does not want to see his own son without a job. Nationalism seem unfair to many but maybe they are not. There needs to be further study on what the impacts truly are.

It can be discerned from the literature review that that practice of nationalism still exists within the government and the private sectors. A congregation of the above literature however agree to the fact that nationalism affects the both the government and the private sector in UAE. A comparative analysis of the live interviews also reveals that the government service is greatly affected nationalism than the private sector. The main reasons behind this have been pointed out as; the application of nationalism to obtain employment is perceived as incompetent and immoral irrespective of the truth that incompetence and morality of the person hired.

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