Nationalism can be defined as a political ideology which includes a firm group identification of individuals including apolitical issues in national manner. The fact has pointed out by Walter, (1997), in stating that “In the ‘modernist’ image of the nation, it is nationalism that creates national identity and although there are various definitions for what constitutes a nation, which leads to several different strands of nationalism”

Johann Gottfried Herder came up with the word nationalism during late 1770s when the term appears so complicated to in regards to its definition despite the fact that the modern states closely relate to its developments. In addition to the above, nationalism has popularized sovereignty that surfaced the American Revolution. This was in the late 18th century when national revolution of Europe culminated with American Revolution. Nationalism has been a major impact in in regards to social and political forces in history.
There are varieties of nationalism. These are; Ethnocentrism, Civic nationalism, Left-wing nationalism, Ultra nationalism, Anti-colonial Nationalism, Territorial nationalism,


Whereas there is abidance in the fact that Ethnocentrism remains the most common type of nationalism in the world, its characteristics as a form of nationalism that limits its revolution potential. This is because there is lack of unity and coherence in the shared research agenda on a political ideology. There are therefore clearly demonstrated differences on positions taken by political scientists, sociologists, religious scholars and historians on the research questions, theoretical frameworks and methodologies on disciplinary focus.

This point is expounded by Anthony (1998) in illustrating that “though the ideational components and inspiration of nationalism as an ideological worldview differentiate strands of nationalism from other examples of contention, the collective action itself and concomitant mechanisms demonstrate consistency across movement types.” In addition to the above, Ethnocentrism is unique because as opposed to the theoretical and conceptual frameworks that have surrounded its studies, it is encompassed by descriptive analyses of the ideologies and structures.

Civic nationalism

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