In contrast to the American society, Chinese fathers play the role of taking children’s custody in cases of divorce. It is believed that the fathers in most cases are economically stable and can raise children with the assistance of the young women they marry. Moreover, the Chinese cultural values dictate that the custody of children remain with their father so that the children can carry on the name of the father’s family (Huping 17).


In summary, is evidenced in the book Eat, Pray, Love that the Chinese and the American people differ in their cultures, perception about gender roles as well as their reaction to matters pertaining to family issues. Apparently, the Chinese women are seen to more liberal in their approach compared to their American counterparts. In addition, their treatment to children also differs considerably.

Besides, it is noted that the liberal laws that have been applied in the China situation have now brought the desired freedom that the oppressed in marriages wanted. It is also noted that cultural differences in both scenarios have changed considerably. The stringent traditional rules in China and America concerning marriages have been replaced with more liberalized ones, which allow a discontented party in marriage to seek for justice.

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