According to Elizabeth, couples are subjected to different roles in marriage relationships. She claims that her grand mother had seven children. This was not out of her wish but because she had to obey her husband’s demand. It did not matter whether she could raise the children adequately by providing the basic needs. Elizabeth appears to suggest that women were used as objects of procreation even when they objected (David 24).

Furthermore, the writer says that even though matters have changed a bit in the modern world, much more still needs to be done. She gives an example of her own mother whom she says gave birth to two children unlike her grand mother. However, she claims that her mother had to resign from her employment to take care of the children. Nevertheless, men are not usually required to resign fro formal employments to help in taking care of the children. In addition, couples are required to uphold marriage values (David 25). This is the reason why there is a Chinese proverb which says that couples should stay in marriages until their hairs turn grey.

In China, men played dominant role in families and was never questioned for his actions. In deed, men played the role of initiating dalliance with women that resulted in love relationships. Once marriages were initiated, Chinese women were never allowed to marry more than once. They were expected to remain faithful to their husbands and serve them diligently and respectfully (David 25). On the other hand, men were given the liberty of taking one or more concubines this showed male superiority complex that existed in China.

Nonetheless, time changes that have opened the country to the outside world like the Americans have suddenly changed the social beliefs. Therefore, practices like getting divorce that were unheard of initially do not carry social stigma anymore. Men, especially those with white collar jobs have abandoned their role of unifying factors in relationships. Liberal Chinese laws allow men to seek divorce promoting women to abandon their roles being faithful partners in marriages (David 26). In fact, it has been found out that more mature Chinese women are resorting to dating agencies to search for new mates because of their husbands who have abandoned the role of being sexual partners and turned to younger women for sexual satisfaction.

Fortunately, the same liberal laws have given women from China the chance of claiming their stakes in marriages by allowing them to break from marriages where they feel unhappy or marriages where they needed played the roles of deciding. Chinese women like their counter parts from America have been empowered by the laws to decide on the types of marriages they feel comfortable with unlike before (Huping 15).

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