As depicted in the book Eat, Pray, Love, there is a difference in the way American people react to responses compared to the Chinese people. The Chinese women think that their Marriages should be more liberal and responses that they get from other people should portray this liberalism (David 17). Actually, there is a common belief in China that discontent in marriage does not result to prosperity. There have been criticisms that the legal provisions that put one into such custody should be eliminated to allow a couple to quit their marriage at will. It means that the discontented party would have the freedom and time to look for a different soul mate (David 18).

Most of the mature women in China are turning to dating agencies to get their soul mate. Essentially, the Chinese women take advantage of the liberalized laws concerning marriage and the increase in the male population might have resulted to the shift in mind (Millar 1). In fact, China’s divorce laws are also liberalized, thereby giving freedom to divorce. The women strongly believe that a happy marriage result from meeting a perfect spouse, usually known as soul mate. Indeed, the illusion is that meeting this person would guarantee one a happy life, not knowing that a joyful life normally result from personal effort in marriage (Millar 1).

According to the book, it is shown that only the reflection of an individual in a mirror could give the true soul mate. Thus, the true soul mate is oneself and may not be the apparent partner. On the other hand, the American women think that the American people do not have required passion in marriage, and may divorce their spouse at will (David 19). The divorce context in America significantly differs with that of the Chinese. In essence, lawyers are involved in the process of divorce. The legal terms of marriage are agreed upon and any dissolution of the same would follow the procedures outline in the law.

Roles that Each Sex Plays Major in the Relationship

Regarding roles, the Chinese women think that domestic roles should be shared between men and women equally (Millar 1). In the American culture, women have certain specific roles especially cooking, washing, and general house cleanliness. Besides, some American men think that the women do not need to work, but take care of the family (David 22. Notably, American culture separates children in terms of gender. Male children are encouraged to play with items such as trucks, whereas the female ones are encouraged to play with dolls, and to pretend as if they cook using toy stoves (Millar 1).

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