Making Questions for an Interview

Construct an interview guide of topic areas you think will be important.

The topic that I have taken in consideration in the arrest of John T. Johnson; this is because he is a well known individual. This is because most individuals really want to establish and to know what resulted to the arrest of John T. Johnson; whose case of arresting was the interesting and intriguing cases. By creating interview questions one would be filled in on the happenings and would be the most sufficient way in which the person who wasn’t in the court to know what transpired in the hearing of John T. Johnson case and what was the final judgment to his case.

Prepare a moderate schedule of questions from your guide.

Q1. Were you present In John T. Johnson court hearing yesterdays?

Q2. I really wanted to be part of it, would you mind telling me what happened?

Q3. According to the witnesses present what was the main reason that resulted to John T. Johnson arrest?

Q4. Who was the prosecutor?

Q5. What was his main argument on John T. Johnson arrest, and what offence did he state was committed by the accused?

Q6. What was the plea that John T. Johnson gave to the court?

Q7. What was the atmosphere like in the court room?

Q8. What was the capacity of the court?

Q9. Was Mr. John T. Johnson represented by his own lawyer or a states lawyer?

Q10. Who was the judge hearing the case?

Q11. How was Mr. John T. Johnson nature like?

Q12.What was the final ruling of the case?

Q13. What was the look on the Prosecutors face after the final ruling was made by the Judge?

Q14. What was the look on Mr. John T. Johnson face after the final ruling was made?

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