Macro Environment Influence On Nokia Corporation

On the other hand the government through the act of parliament can formulate and enact laws and policies that aim at encouraging the success of Nokia Corporation. This has been one of the reasons why the Nokia Corporation has prospered economically this way. The government if it wants to encourage the introduction of a new company in a certain region, it should use incentives that will act like a motivating factor to draw more foreign investors to invest in such business ventures. It may decide to introduce tax exemptions to the willing investors so that the company cannot fear about collapsing. Furthermore, the government may decide to place new measures that will protect emerging companies from collapsing following stiff competition from the market (Trevor, 2001). This can be done through monopolization and privatization of these companies.

Looking it from another perspective, the government should provide a favourable condition for investment by pumping more resources that aims at encouraging growth and prosperity of business ventures. With the establishment of a new business it would be very difficult for such as a firm to prosperity in the short run because of many challenges that affect businesses at their initially period. It is therefore the responsibility of the government to step in and rescue the existence of the business that is in jeopardy. It should extend some financial resources to the firm so that it can be in a position to run its daily operation before it can be independent.

The government should assist the business corporation to market its goods and services by formulating laws and policies that upholds fair competition in the market. It should control the number of companies willing to join certain line of production via imposing high tax, stringent measures and via interventions that in turn deter them from joining the industry.

Improvement of infrastructure is another factor that has great impact on the existence of any company. With good form of infrastructure more investors will be in a position to invest in various business opportunities thus improving the state of economy of the nation. On the contrarily, poor infrastructure would deter investors from investing since there would less income returns hence affecting economic development.

It is therefore evident that political factor has great impact on success of Nokia Corporation in the world. The government has helped by providing favourable environment for its prosperity through formulations of laws and policies that either encourage or discourage its existence. On the other hand success of this company cannot only be attributed to government’s intervention alone but its efforts in marketing itself to the people (Zheng, 2001).


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