Macro Environment Influence On Nokia Corporation

Just like any other kind of business under the sun Nokia Corporation is confound will compelling forces from within as well as from outside the organization operation that undermines the efforts placed in position to attain goals and ambitions of the organization. These external forces are grouped under the Macro-level whereas those emanating from within the organization are grouped under the micro-level. It is therefore in respect to this perspective that we wish to discuss the influence of Macro factors on Nokia Corporation and more importantly evaluate their implication on the success of the organization in the future.

Macro-environmental Forces Analysis

Macro environment forces play a crucial role in the success and existence of any business firm. Their existence cannot be undermined at whatever cost because any change associated with these factors will be transmitted directly into the business. On the other hand the business firm has less control over these forces as it can only formulate new mechanisms to cushion the inflicted impact it ( Liu, 2001). The following are the main macro environmental factors that influence the operation of Nokia Corporation: Political, economic, social, technology, demographic and legal factors. Each of these components impacts differently on the daily operation of the business.


In any given nation in the world there is a form of government that is implicated with mandate to device a framework of how the nation would be ruled. With its various arms of government such as legislature, judiciary and executive, the government through the act of parliament enacts laws and policies that aim at upholding the morality of the society. The enacted laws and policies are applicable to all facets of life that even the business community is not an exemption (Trevor, 2001).

The government should provide a favourable environment for investors by ensuring that there is political stability and good will of politicians. With the current political instabilities in most parts of the world the level of foreign investment in these nations has declined drastically for the last few years thus affected the global growth of economy. There are wrangles and conflicts between the rulers pertaining to matters to do with leadership. Prolonged conflicts and confrontations among the rulers have led to eruption of tribal wars among the various communities thus contributing substantially to low rate of economic development. This in turn has deterred many investors to invest in such nation and for those who have already invested they tend to withdraw their capital from such business ventures hence negatively affecting the economy.

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