Macro Environment Influence On Nokia Corporation

Many mobile companies have been of late been established in different regions of the world with the aim of exhibiting their potential and ability in this new arena in the business industries. They include: Motorola, Samsung, Vodafone and Nokia, not an exception. Nokia Corporation is one of the world’s largest mobile and telecommunication facilities provider (Trevor 2001). Since its inception in the early 1980s the company has had to wave through the challenges of competition, financial constraints, change in demands and supply, managerial problems among many more until it has attained this memorable event in the mobile and telecommunication industry today. With its strong endowment in competition and innovation potential in the telecommunication sector it is among the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world today with a wide ray of mobile types. Nokia also provides other mobile infrastructure facilities that are mainly used in application domain such as telephony, broadband access, and professional radio calls, just to mention but a few (Corporation Nokia, 2002).

The success and flourishing of Nokia Corporation as a mobile company can be attributed to its managerial personnel who are carry the dream and ambitions of this great company to greater heights. The company is also in a position to adopt new technological advancement in its daily operation which provides it with a favourable environment to remain more competitive in the market sector. The company also inculcates the culture of creativity and innovation among its employees and at the same time supports genuine ideas that can help in realization and achievement of company goals. It is in respect to these measures that places Nokia Corporation at a better level than its counterparts in the business sector hence facilitating its economic prosperity.

On the other hand with the new emerging trends in the telecommunication sector, Nokia Corporation has streamlined its organization structure in a calculative manner so that to withstand the pressure that comes along with change in management. To expand its market share in the global scope Nokia Corporation has for past few decades invested heavily on research that provides vital information concerning the forces of demand and supply and how they influence market trends in the world (Richard, 2004). From this intensive research the company has been able to promote and market its product more by focusing on consumer interest and ability to purchase. This means the company under market segmentation strategy has embarked on manufacturing different ranges of mobile phones and other telecommunication facilities that accommodates all people from all walks of life. Borrowing from this idea it calls for every organization in the business which aspires to attain high economic status to adopt such effective mechanism and incorporate it with its daily operation.

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