Life Greatest Lessons


What is life?, life is short, so goes the saying .Life is defined as a period that we are supposed to exploit our full potential, that is, duration which we should be able to put our houses in order . In a small village there lived a group of people. These people were each distinct on their own right, some were specialized in various formalized job some looking after cattle and not to forget those who were very unskilled. In this set up there was also one of the wealthiest people who worked as a manager in an international bank just within the locality.

This man was named ‘sonko,’ just to depict the kind of wealth that he owned in the society. People were always at his doorsteps in order to seek for assistance. One day, he came home and found them gathered at his door steps, sonko had the best of the vehicles on the planet earth, that day he rode in the newly developed limousine (Gächter, Herrmann, & Thöni, 2010). wanted to show the people that he had the best of the most luxurious car on earth. For sonko, life was not short as one could have thought of

Having friends was too much to ask, he saw that friends were people who lived below the threshold of a dollar per day, and life for sonko was all but just butter and bread. For him his parents were nothing but foreigners whose significance was inconsequential. , Quoting from the bible verse which says that after marriage a man and a woman would separate into one thing and would desert their parents and settle in far distant place. Greeting his fellow workers was not an option for him since he assumed that he was their boss and therefore he expected them to bend low for him any time he was passing. Turning to the village from where sonko was raised, they new him just as a small boy that grew up from a humble background and one who feared God. They remained mum on the sudden change of hurt, simply because of merely attaining a job at the bank

It was not until Tuesday the month of August that things started to turn up and down for sonko. He was the first one in the management to be retrenched due to the radical changes that the bank decided to effect, this was unbelievable since because the person who was at the top of the world simply turned to be a know body over just a twinkle of an eye. Could one ever imagine such a move for the most self styled man whom the whole village was bending down for? This was least expected by all who knew him over the period that he was the manager, to add to the woes of sonko, unexpected fire outbreak emerged within his house top, this was suspected to have been caused by electricity fault. (Bakardjieva, 2003) This meant that he had to content with a house which had a leaking top.

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