Legalizing Marijuana


Marijuana is a psychoactive herb, a derivative of the flowering parts of the hemp plant. When smoked the effects are instant than when it’s cooked and eaten in food. Among other drugs that are not legalized in many countries, marijuana is one of them. However there are activists and many marijuana users, who believe that smoking or the use of pot has no side effects, though scientific findings show that the use of marijuana may cause health problems to its users. This paper is going to look into the issue of legalizing marijuana by identifying reasons as to why marijuana should not be legalized.

Legalize marijuana

According to Grinspoon, Lester in Boston Globe, his research points out on ways through which marijuana can be used for the HIV neuropathic pain treatment and several other clinical studies have also suggested some disorders and symptoms in humans that could be treated through the used marijuana; the argument is that marijuana deserves a sound medical research to prove its need in the medicinal effects to the society, though a few studies have provided some and recommendations on what areas needs to be researched and the benefits of the current findings, among them are that marijuana has been found to treat nausea and vomiting, spasticity, appetite loss and also act as pain killers. Other arguments and claims are that the use of marijuana should be compared to the use alcohol; the claims are that since alcohol is used for recreational purposes the same case should apply to marijuana. During the comparisons according to Grinspoon, Lester the deaths that were caused by marijuana in Britain in a period of two years were found to be only five compared to the deaths attributed to many other recreational drugs

Whether all these are substantial facts to legalize marijuana is the debate, as most statistics carried in many countries as a means of collecting the views of people on whether they should legalize marijuana has always recorded negative results, the point could be maybe its because they are lacking information, consider the people that have been helped by using the drug (the medicinal effects). As a matter of fact like many other drugs that are addictive marijuana too is addictive, drugs like cigarettes and alcohol but then the addiction is lesser as compared to these other drugs. On other areas of the study, marijuana has proved to help people suffering from Alzheimer by stimulating the neural passage that leads to the disease.

Effects of marijuana

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