Law: Probation

This is a very tricky situation for Miss Joan Casey who is left sin charge by her Boss Jack Brown to handle. The probation case on the 23 year old will be a great challenge to her career either positively or negatively this depends on the kind of decision that she will make in the probation of this young boy who has sparked country wide interests as the media has highlighted on his actions and the media is keenly following each and every development on his case.

The situation is very complicated for Miss Casey who is in the position of making the overall ruling that will be taken in by the 23 year old offender while at the same time aired by the media thus making the decision public.

There are various forms of Intermediate sanctions that Casey can impose on the 23 year old boy, but in this case the young boy who has no previous criminal records, but has killed his step father by stubbing him with a knife. This is a clear indication that the 23 year old boy is guilty of the offence and is subjected to conviction to the crime of Murder, but after a through review of the criminals past records it ha s emerged that the boy has not previous criminal record in that he hasn’t been caught while on the wrong side of the law, at the same time the victim has several injustice activities done to him, which include being sexually molested by a close relative since the age of 5. Being physically and mentally abused by the step father, these are considered some of the reasons that drove him to murder his Step father as he was mentally depressed by the ill treatment that he made him go through.

The most effective probation that the young boy is likely to be given by Collier County’s Probation Department under the leadership of Miss Casey is the Intensive Supervision Probation. This is where the young boy will be under close supervision and will be strictly be reporting to the Probation officer in order to check and monitor his condition and check if the criminal’s behavior is improving for the better or the worst.

This kind of probation will be granted to the boy because of various reasons that includes the following; the boy is a first offender in that he doesn’t have any pervious offences. The other supporting claim for this is because he suffers from past physical and mental depression and this condition is seen as the main cause of his action, the other appropriate reason for his action is the dangers that the individual has to the community that is around him, in this case the boy is considered to a harmless individual that will pose no threat to the public, the most Important aspect is that the boy is less likely to repeat the offence as the reports have indicated.

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