Law and Ethics

The publication of this article could raise various ethical considerations. The issue of the religion and the state interaction to bring up a morally upright generation could not be easily ruled out of question. The publication of this article would reveal a deeply wanting morals of the religion so presented in the same case. The Islamic religion would be viewed negatively in the publication as Jeremy is portrayed as a Muslim without good morals. (Legard & Roberts, 2002). Such examples of civil and religion cases have been noted in various instances in australia. A practical example would be the Marsden versus the Channel Seven Network. In the case, the media strongly linked Marsden to the gay community. Though rulling was made in favour of the plaintif, the case remains to be one of the most remarkable of the time in the land.

A rewrite

In making a rewrite of this document for publication, it would be very important t note that the relevant precautions to avoid the author being sued are eliminated. The exclusion of direct relation of the religious body in the document would be a safer ground for the publisher. This follows the fact that the loophole which arises as a result of moral, social and religious degradation is reduced. This eliminates the possibility of such cases being filed in court by the plaintiff.

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