Korean War

The Korean War took place between 1950 and 1953. The North Korean army war invaded South Korea causing the war. The latter crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea in an attempt to destabilize the economy of South which was perceived to be thriving. There are numerous sources that give a recollection of what happened during the Korean War, and the Recollections of ‘53’s Forgotten Battles in the VFW magazine is one of them. This article has its strengths and weakness in describing the war. Through it gives a clear explanation of the number of people involved during the war as well as accurate statistics, the article fails to give the exact dates of the events that took place during the war.

Kolb and Dyhouse (2011) co-authored the Recollections of ‘53’s Forgotten Battles published in the VFW magazine which gives detailed explanation of events that took place during the war. This gives readers an in-depth understanding of events that transpired during the war. In addition, the article provides the exact population of casualties affected during the war. For example, the article records that the American murdered during the battle totaled 33,629, 103,284 wounded and 7,140 imprisoned. Based on these numbers, the article serves provides useful statistics about the war.

On contrary, the Recollections of ‘53’s Forgotten Battles fail to account for the exact dates in the events that took place during the war. Dates are essential in any historical event because readers can place events in a chronological order. With the article lacking specific dates when describing events, the reader is at loss in understanding the order of events. This weakness makes the article to lack the rigor required of any historical article.

Just like any article, Recollections of ‘53’s Forgotten Battles has several weakness and strengths. While giving succinct description of the war, article fails to give readers with exact dates of events that took place during the war. Nevertheless, the article is a good read on the war.

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