Job Automation

Job automation is the process of using automatic machines in carrying out activities that used to be carried out using manual labor. Job automation has a lot of benefits to the entrepreneur as well as to the employees. In the manufacturing industry, job automation reduces to cost of labor, increases the output of products that are produced, increases efficiency, but it leads to job losses.

Automation increases the efficiency and accuracy of the manufacturing process because machines make fewer errors compared to human beings. As a result, the output of the manufactured goods increases as there will be less time wasted in correcting mistakes. Furthermore, the quality of the products produced in an automated environment is higher than that of the products produced in a manual environment because machines are not affected by fatigue, and as a result, they maintain consistency in the quality of products that they produce. Job automation also helps in reducing the cost of manufacturing products (, 2005). This is because it leads to a significant reduction in the cost of labor. A single machine can complete a job that could have been completed by many laborers at a higher cost. Therefore, job automation increases productivity of workers in a country.

Whereas job automation increases the efficiency and output of a production process, it leads to an increase in loss of job opportunities. This situation is worse in a country that has a less skilled population. This is because automated processes can only be operated by skilled workers, and only a few workers can be absorbed in an industry.

In conclusion, job automation has many advantages and disadvantages. It increases the productivity of factors of production in an industry (, 2005). It also increases the efficiency of a manufacturing process. It also helps in reducing the cost of labor in an industry, and as a result, it reduces the overall cost of production (, 2005). However, job automation leads to instances of job loss as machines carry out tasks that could have been carried out by many workers.

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