Internet Article Analysis

The article conclusion stresses more on the improvement of the correctional facility for the better of the community in general and not only for the best of the inmates. This is when she quotes one of the interviewee Mrs. Susan Fenner who is the executive director of the Texas Inmate Families Association who has welcomed the moves that the TDCJ is aimed at introducing in the prisons. Nevertheless she insisted that the changes to be introduced into the prisons should aim at providing the prisoners with skills that they would use effectively when they are released into the streets again. They shouldn’t be changes that will be short lived as the maters pertaining to food, entertainment and medical care alone (Jennings, 2011). Thus she advised the TDJC to venture on more aspects that will ensure that the inmates’ practices are improved for the better of the society in that they should be provided with up to date information / knowledge. This will ensure that the inmates be able to depend on themselves when they get out of the jail.

In conclusion the article is generally fine as it has provided and outlined the necessary objective of the TDCJ in cutting down the expenditure on the persons and at the same time ensures that the changes will bring up improvements in the lives of the inmates and the wardens. However, I still support the comment that was aired by Mrs. Susan Fenner that these changes are good for us a because the imamates and the wardens are our brothers and sisters. Therefore the prison is seen as a correctional facility it should provide the inmates with various methods that they might use so as to be able to be law abiding citizens; who will be able to coexists and socialize freely with the other Americans while they are released out of the poison and thus providing them with a second chance in life.

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